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Welcome to the IAPA (Australasian) Homepage.

It is a great honour to be asked to lead an organisation that has such a distinguished membership that represents expertise in clinical practice, academics, administration, research and every other aspect of psychiatry. It is this potential and untapped expertise that is our greatest strength.

At the IAPA AGM on 29th November 2007 I took the opportunity to remind ourselves of some of the reasons why this Association was conceived. These were to: 

Provide support to enable members of this Association to make a healthy contribution here is Australia and New Zealand but also in the Indian sub-continent. The founding members of the Association have even considered how we can make a contribution in the Pacific. I would certainly encourage members to explore this further.
Enable learning, research and dissemination of knowledge.
Establish close working ties with other professional organisations including the RANZCP, and other organisations internationally.
Establish funds and awards to promote the cause of mental health in Australia, New Zealand and the Indian Sub continent

As far as I am concerned these remain valid aims for the Association.

Thanks to able leadership provided by Bruce, Russell and the team supporting them, the IAPA has developed an enviable profile within Australia, New Zealand and internationally in a very short length of time. This has made us a significant and influential player nationally and internationally. Over the next two years we must now consolidate these gains. 

 Let me outline my thoughts for you to consider

1. Under Bruce’s leadership we have managed to develop a clear direction for our organisation. We must maintain this direction.
2. Thanks to all the hard work that Bruce and Russell have put in, we now have an international profile. It is absolutely essential we maintain this profile. At the same time we must review what other strategies will enable us to fulfil aims and objectives of our Association and more importantly how we can make a healthy contribution to the efforts of people in the Indian sub-continent.
3. It is absolutely essential that we move forward as an integrated, well meaning and sincere association that reflects principles of our culture, heritage and upbringing. That to my mind is an important identifier for our Association. If our work does not reflect our cultural values and principles we may as well not bother having an Association.
4. I am clear in my mind that the Association needs to focus on increasing profile of our members. We must focus on doing what our members think would support them to achieve whatever they wish to achieve here in Australasia and how they want to make a contribution to the Indian sub-continent.

At the 2007 AGM, Dr. Russell D’Souza informed us of the healthy stage of our financial situation. Clearly, we have been able to achieve this level of security with Russell’s unique ability to gain sponsorship and support for our Association. I have no doubt with also want to acknowledge I would be interested in your thoughts and opinion about areas that we must prioritise for investment of these resources.

Let me also say to you that if at any stage it appears we are lagging behind or our progress doesn’t reflect what we set out to achieve, please, please say so. Let me assure you that we will endeavour to ensure you have every opportunity and support to lead the initiatives that you wish to lead.

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